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Record Label POLIS Records LLc

Type of Label Indie

Old school music is nothing new to Duebwa Loving seeming that he has been around this type of music since he came into the world.

What’s shocking is" His heart has chosen pop music to sing. Pop peers watch out; this young school is going to be around for a lot of years to come.

Duebwa started his singing career at age seven
His father who is a Super producer/writer himself, say that when the young pop star wanted his attention; He would come into the studio where he was composing and set beside him and start to sing; "He had such a beautiful voice and some of the stuff I must admit was pretty good that he came up with" his father stated.

Duebwa grew up an only child, His early years being in the western suburb of Illinois
Soon after moving to LA,

"My teacher must have notice early on that there was something special about my singing", I was so shy at that time the young pop star admits, and she would always ask me to sing in class.
I never thought my singing was special; I always looked at myself as being a shower singer.

At age 14 Duebwa began singing hooks for his friends on their mix tapes in various LA studio"

This now teen talent, self-taught musician pop supremacy is now looking to take the world by storm.

Duebwa says His hit new single, entitled "Sexy Blue Eye's" is one of his favorite.

With titles like; "I Miss you", "We were meant to be", "All about you" Just to name a few,
Is a song that is describes as his life experiences.

The teenaged singer says "I'm looking forward to working with others pop/r&b singer in the bizz".

His message: "Be the beast that you can be"

This virtually untapped well of natural born artistic talent" is sure to be a solid force in pop teen music for many years to come.


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