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Anarcho Punk (also known as Anarcho-Punk) is considered a subgenre of Hardcore Punk and was one of the first to experiment with the genre, even before the famous Post-Hardcore. The essence of Anarcho Punk is to have the looseness and freedom that Post-Punk had with Punk Rock, that is, it tries to take Hardcore Punk further by experimenting with it. What makes this genre special is that it tends to embrace a lot of chaos when experimenting with a genre; this is not to say that all Anarcho Punk bands sound like Noisecore bands (extremely loud and inaccessible to the general public), but that there is a wide variety regarding the concept of "chaos" when experimenting; for example, the bands Crass, Subhumans and Zounds take this concept to the freedom of doing whatever they want with their songs, taking influence from genres such as Art Punk, Post-Punk, Noise Rock and other more "experimental" genres. On the other hand, bands like Econochrist, Skitkids and Christian Businessmen understand this world of chaos related to the more aggressive and energetic genres of Punk, such as Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk and D-Beat. There are also bands like Conflict that do a sort of mix between the Post-Punk looseness and the Hardcore Punk aggression. In short, Anarcho Punk comprises the experimentation of Hardcore Punk and the chaos that comes with such experimentation, depending on each band what they understand by "chaos".

Also, as the name infers, this genre tends to have bands of anarchist ideology, so their songs have sharp political and anti-authoritarian content. It is important to clarify that just because a band speaks and proclaims anarchism, it is not an Anarcho Punk band, since to be part of a musical genre it is necessary to comply with certain instrumental schemes more or less already specified above and not just change the lyrical content.

Usually the members of the bands put their ideals into action through various methods, such as the occupation of spaces or the formation of independent labels, being the band Crass probably the most influential in this environment. .

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