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Anime (アニメ, taken from half of the Japanese pronunciation of "animation") is animation in Japan and considered to be "Japanese animation" in the rest of the world. Anime, in addition to manga, are extremely popular in Japan and well known throughout the world. This tag should only be used for songs and albums produced specifically for or used within Japanese animation.

Artists should not be tagged as anime unless they are composers for Japanese animation (such as 菅野よう子) or are fictional artists featured within a series or film. Japanese bands and singers (such as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) are not Japanese animation and should therefore not be tagged in this manner. Appropriate tags for these musicians and bands include J-pop, J-rock and Japanese.

Anime is commonly referred to as an art form. As a visual medium, it naturally places a large emphasis on visual styles. The styles can vary from artist to artist or by studio to studio. While different titles and different artists have their own artistic styles, many stylistic elements have become so common that they are described as being definitive of anime in general. .

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