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Baroque pop (or baroque rock) is a fusion genre of rock, classical, and orchestral pop. Predicated by the early 1960s trend of pop producers placing the harpsichord in the forefront of their arrangements, "baroque pop" was termed for the 1966 song "Walk Away Renée" by the Left Banke, which codified the genre with its jangling harpsichord, evocative strings, and gestures toward the Baroque music of the 16-17th century.

The genre is often erroneously conflated with "chamber pop", which draws more of its influences from lounge and easy-listening. Although it's possible for chamber pop and baroque pop to overlap, baroque pop is distinct for its stylistic appropriation of Baroque period classical music, involving dramatic or melancholic moods, functional harmony patterns, and contrapuntal melodies. "Orchestral pop" is not necessarily equivalent to "baroque pop" either. .

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