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Electronic rock, also commonly referred to as electro-rock, digital rock, and synth-rock is the combination of electronic music with traditional rock music. The creation of this relatively new music genre began in the 1950s and slowly progressed until the late 1960s. However, it was not until the invention of MIDI, enabling many electronic instruments to be able to communicate with each other and letting instruments to be played and recorded much more easily and efficiently, that electronic music and electronic rock were fully integrated into the music scene. Synthesizers, electric guitars, and guitar effects pedals, are just few of the primary inventions that helped electro-rock become what it is today.

A main theme in the development of Electronic rock would be the utilization of new digital technologies in the recording, writing, and live production of rock music. What makes Electronic rock distinct from its parent genres however would be the emergence of Digital Audio, MIDI, as well as the overall pervasiveness of personal computers and software on the production of music.

Bands such as Pendulum, Ratatat, Celldweller, and Nine Inch Nails, are a few of the most popular electronic rock bands. All of them gaining success by means of the creation of this new music genre, electro-rock. Unlike most, the band Daft Punk, consisting of two members, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, originated as a traditional rock band. However, after gaining little to no success, they decided to mess around with their sound, and try to create something new and different. Their efforts worked to establish them as one of the most prevailing electro-rock bands ever. Other popular electro-rock bands that have gained success are Def FX, Filter, and the Crystal Method. .

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