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Hardcore Punk is a musical subgenre derived from Punk Rock, which originated in North America and the United Kingdom in the early 1980s.

It is characterized for being the evolution of the most energetic aspects of Punk Rock; the tempos and measures are fast, with fast and aggressive drum rhythms, the guitar lines are executed quickly and with few arrangements, amplified with a distortion sound, the bass usually makes the same note of the guitar chord (without scales, occasionally with octaves), the voice is almost shouted, fast and the songs are usually short, usually lasting between one to two minutes.

Hardcore Punk has been as influential as Punk Rock, having a huge number of subgenres both popular and "underground". Among these are Post-Hardcore, Anarcho-Punk, Crust Punk, Melodic Hardcore, New York Hardcore, Emocore (also known as Emotional Hardcore), Japanese Hardcore, Digital Hardcore, and others.

The earliest and most influential albums of this genre are: Bad Brains by the band of the same namePlastic Surgery Disasters by Dead KennedysDamaged by Black FlagMilo Goes To College by DescendentsMinor Threat by the band of the same nameGroup Sex by Circle JerksAdolescents by the band of the same nameVicious Circle by Zero BoysMillions Of Dead Cops by MDC .

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