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A subgenre of metalcore with a strong emphasis on melody. There are several approaches towards the term. Firstly, the most popular one is heavily influenced by melodic death metal, with bands mainly adopting riffs that were mostly derived from At The Gates' 1995 album Slaughter of the Soul. Massachusetts-area bands such as Shadows Fall, Unearth and Killswitch Engage are often considered as pioneers of this style that can be sometimes referred to as "SoTScore" or "At The Gatescore".

Second, there are bands that heavily use elements of pop rock, post-grunge, alternative metal and djent to an extent, consequently making their categorization as metalcore being arguable by some. Often mistakenly labelled as post-hardcore, these bands can be called "arena metalcore" due to their commercialized and somewhat anthemic nature. They utilize subtle electronic music elements, sing-along choruses, Linkin Park-esque clean vocals, and melodic riffs with polished production. Examples include post-Suicide Season Bring Me the Horizon, Blessthefall, and Memphis May Fire.

Finally, there is a niche of traditional metalcore bands that are not necessarily influenced by melodic death metal, but nevertheless still being highly melodic, with Strongarm, Shai Hulud and Poison the Well being notable examples. These bands sometimes use straightforward melodic riffs and passionate sounding vocals, making them emotive-like. .

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