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Noise pop is a term used to loosely describe a strain of alternative rock that fuses punk rock's attitude and anger with the atonal noise, feedback, and free song structures of noise music, presented in a decidedly pop context. Typically it employs standard rock instrumentations such as electric guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, and occasionally keyboards, and uses a number of effects usually not present in more mainstream forms of music such as fuzz, feedback, and drones. Song structures generally follow a standard pop/rock formula. Most noise pop bands feature sung, melodic vocals, and harmonies are not altogether uncommon in the genre.

The Velvet Underground was a major influence on the genre, with their early albums' experiments with feedback and distortion. Early noise pop bands include Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Yo La Tengo. The Jesus and Mary Chain is the band most widely cited as being the first noise pop band. Noise pop was the chief inspiration for the British shoegaze movement. Throughout the '90s, noise pop continued to have an important and influential presence in the indie rock scene. .

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