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Officially the unofficial genre, if you will, for all step, garage and broken beats and the newest of the new regarding this metamorphosis of the extra beats and skittery riddims. The following are sub-genres of Scatter Funk. UK Garage, 2Step, Various UK Garage and 2 Step, Speed Garage, 4x4, Bassline, fidget house, uk funky, Dubstep, DubtekStep, Acid-Step, Broken Beat, Noise-Step, synthpoppers, Future Garage, post-dubstep & post dubstep, Break-step, Chill-Step, Jazz Skip, funk step, Glitchstep, Glitch Hop, Wonky, Tektrostep, dubtech, Bit 5tep, chipstep, Dub2Step, Electronstep, microstep, Psystep, rave-step, tribalstep and trip step.

See the other project at telecfunknohausindubstripialbreakstep.

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