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1) Trancecore is a subgenre of electronicore, a style of post-hardcore or metalcore, which is characterized by trance sections throughout the songs, as well as auto tuned vocals in most cases. These groups make use of metalcore-influenced breakdowns, synthesizers, electronically produced sounds, auto-tuned vocals, and screamed vocals. Such groups have been formed in England, The United States, and Canada. Notable bands that demonstrate a fusion of post-hardcore or metalcore with electronic music include Abandon All Ships, Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari, and Sky Eats Airplane.

2) Hardcore techno is a type of electronic music typified by the rhythmic use of distorted and atonal industrial-like beats and samples. The tempo of various kinds of hardcore techno ranges from about 95 beats per minute (Belgian "New Beat" and rave/techno), to over 300 bpm ("speedcore"), with the more popular styles ranging from about 150 bpm to 200 bpm.

3) Related to Hardcore techno (see 2 above), early Freeform Hardcore was also called Trancecore in the mid to late 1990's. Notable artists where Sharkey, Ramos, UFO and Billy Daniel Bunter .

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