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2 Chainz - Realize

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I'm gonna cause pandemonium
Pick up the paper, custodian
This how Prince met Apollonia
Tryna fill up California kings
Hydrocodeine with the Visine
Master bedroom on the right wing
This a Philippe not a Breitling
Fuck her to sleep, she had pipe dreams
Yeah, this is the king of the trap
Yeah, I pull it straight out the hat
Yeah, everyone better take cover
Yeah, got rappers under attack
Uh, my daughters inherit arrogance
And they intelligent, that's a fact
Bought me a car February 1st
You already know it was black on black
I cover my scars with the tats on tats
You better back back, rat-tat-tat-tat-tat
I pass you a joint, better pass it back
I went to Montgomery, with packs on back
Sent her to the store for some plastic bags
Sent her to the store for some rubber bands
I started pitching so easy
I throw the work to you underhand
Underworld, underground, underline
I'm underdog and you under mine
This here ain't no once upon a time
This really happened for real
Can't even trust our own government
Aw man fuck all that humble shit
Man fuck all that mumble shit

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