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50 Cent - Many Men (Wish Death)

Need you to pray for me? Which leads you to want me to when I need to know where I'm heading because I know we both came up on the gritty streets of Jamaica, Queens to street kids now men just said head in this way. But before going into that, let's start from the beginning
The weight of the movement is cloud being done
Are you ready to do this? I'm ready to merge
This clan. Please give me across the street. Are you ready? I'm ready
I'm ready
They'll give me close to see let me go
Which there for me I'm destined to take my life away. You don't see that a watch this outcome in too many men. Man Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen
My god we get to read on the dominant and then a big fan. I'm going to grill King and I've been crying when I'm so special happened every time I'm the greatest. Something like the humble. So my gun got a tip and Nick Go ahead. Use your head. turn your back on me. I'm gonna chip on my shoulder Tom buck to clip in your face. Many many many men wish there were still many men. Many many. Wouldn't be special. If it wasn't for writing. Journal wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain. Deaf got to be easy. Because life is hard. It is the physically mentally and emotionally scarred This is for Monday. Doing like behind bars I don't see only God can judge me cuz I see things clear. Quick this practice is I'm like posing Goodfellas like Malcolm by any means with a gun in my palm. Slim sweet side. But you want me to doubt many men? many many many many men wish death
And mercy only somewhere many many, many many many many men protected me but I still stay with my good My name is niggas keep sexy some bits don't put a hex on me know much. I got a tummy tuck. I ain't gonna spell it out for you motherfuckers all the time, but you will get it nigga. You can read between the lines and the Bible says what goes around comes around. I'm gonna shot me three weeks later he got shot down. Now it's clear that I'm here for real reason. Because he got hit like I got hit but he fucking breathe. The sky and mercy only so many men, many, many, many, many men
He both came up on the gritty streets to make queens to streak is now meant to set head in this way

This track deals with 50’s near death experiences (infamously, 50 was shot 9 times in 2000) and his perception having of a price tag on his head.

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