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6LACK - Pretty Little Fears (feat. J. Cole)

[Verse 1: 6LACK]
Do better, who better? You better?
Been around, like hella propellers
Wanna know who you with, don't tell 'em
Come on, fellas, that ain't none of your biz'
Got on your bodysuit, you know I'm on your ass today
Would you let me hit it thrice if I asked today?
She know my stick nothing but magic, babe
I be swinging it back and forth, 'til you in your casket, bae, mm

[Pre-Chorus: 6LACK]
Girl, you want my best side, mm
Bet she from the west side, mm

[Chorus: 6LACK]
Now, I just wanna know
Don't you sugarcoat
I'll say it all if you want
Now, could you tell me like it is?
Pretty little fears
Music to my ears

[Verse 2: 6LACK]
Okay, say it loud, say it proud, you want it more
We open door, hit the couch, then the floor
I cut it up, like a scissor, love galore
She never bored, there's so much shit we can do
You free to say whatever, baby, if you asking me
No limit when I'm in it, got a Master P
I'm hoping I don't have a fast release
Got me focused like I'm out here tryna get my master's see, mm

“Pretty Little Fears” is the first collaboration between 6LACK and J. Cole, arriving as a promotional single hours before East Atlanta Love Letter’s full release. 6LACK speaks on a failed relationship while Cole raps about his relationship with his wife. 6LACK first teased the possibility of a collaboration between him and Cole in a post on Instagram on July 13, 2018. He later teased a snippet of the song in an Instagram video on September 11, 2018. The song’s music video was released on October 15, 2018, and can be watched below.

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