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6ix9ine - KEKE

[Intro: 6ix9ine]
Scum Gang!
AM Nation

[Chorus 1: 6ix9ine]
I be on the block, on the regular
With my niggas bustin' at the cops, on the regular
Bitches suckin' dick, givin' top, on the regular
Catch me water whippin' straight drop, on the regular
Yeah, you know I run up with the shit, on the regular
Bare-faced, I'ma hit a lick, on the regular
Posted with the drop, gun cocked, on the regular
Yeah, I'm 6ix9ine with the 9, on the regular

[Verse 1: 6ix9ine]
Niggas want war, yeah, kick their door, yeah
Niggas want the sauce, yeah, shake 'em off, yeah
I'm still in the hood, yeah, bussin' juggs, yeah
Rollin' through the city, yeah, with my niggas, yeah
Niggas want they bitch back, I don't chit-chat
Run up, hear a "Click-clack", blow your shit back
Baby, I ain't a hot boy, I'm a block boy
Double trigger Glock (Ah), make him Diddy Bop, boy (Ayy)

[Chorus 2: Fetty Wap]
Nigga, we be bustin' at the opps, on the regular
Nigga, we be duckin' from the cops, on the regular
Bitches suckin' dick and givin' top, on the regular
Shit that's on my wrist, it cost a lot, it ain't regular
Nigga, if it's comin' from my spot, it ain't regular
Someone's will is on a different side, it ain't regular
You can't take the money when you die, it ain't regular
Niggas with me, really ready to die, on the regular (Yeah)

“KEKE” is a remix to a previous song by 6ix9ine titled “On the Regular.” The song was first previewed twice on Instagram and later leaked in its entirety on December 29, 2017. The official music video and song were released on January 14, 2018.

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