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6ix9ine - RONDO

[Intro: Tory Lanez]
I'ma do my dance in this bih (I'ma do my dance)
She front on me, I throw bands at the bih
All up in my pants and I'm rich (Yeah)
All up on the couch dancing on shit, yeah
Pay me in advance, off rip (Off rip)
Tell lil' mama do the dance on the dick (On the dick)
Shooter with me got his hands on the strr (Hands)
Brrt brrt, we ain't throwin' hands in this bitch, no (Throwin' hands)

[Chorus: Tory Lanez]
We ain't throwin' hands in this bih (Throw a couple hands)
Throw a couple bands in the bih (I'ma throw a couple bands)
Tell the bitches do the dance on the dick
Handstand off the bando and she lit, lit

[Verse 1: 6ix9ine]
I ain't playin' with no wannabe tough nigga
I ain't playin' with no wannabe thug nigga
In the hood, you a rat, you a dub, nigga, fuck nigga
I stay with the blicky, glttt-pow, are you dumb nigga?
If a nigga feel froggy, let him through, let him through
Standin' right in your face, nigga, do what you do
Big homie look at me, like shoot, I'm like, "Who?"
I got the big MAC, kick-back, blow your whole shit back
Bitch, move
When I walk up in the room, bitch, move
Who was talkin' jockin' the Xan, like boom
Bet he want static 'til they see me, like move
But there he go right there, boom-boom-boom!

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