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6ix9ine - mama

[Intro: 6ix9ine & Baka]
Murda on the beat so it's not nice!

[Chorus: 6ix9ine]
Tiki Taki, Spanish mami, she a hot tamale (Hot)
Make her spend that money, dummy, go retarded for me (Pop it)
Pop it, pop it, she get started, she won't ever stop it
Little thottie, thottarati choosin' everybody

[Verse 1: 6ix9ine]
Splish, splash, Apple Bottoms make that ass fat
She got that wet wet, got me blowin' through this whole bag (Rack)
She got B's, spend some cheese, now they double D's
Thought I had to free, kick her out, my mama comin' home at three
Ho thicker-thicker-thicker than a fuckin' Snicker
Drug dealer, professional pot-whipper
In the winter, buy your ho a chinchilla (Grrr)
I just bought my bitch them Kylie Jenner lip fillers

[Bridge: Kanye West]
Man, oh my God
She Instagram famous but she can't keep a job (Ooh)
Man, oh my God
Swipe her 30-inch weave on her sugar daddy card (Ooh)
Man, oh my God
Her doctor got her bustin' out her motherfuckin' bra (Mmm)
Man, oh my God
She Uber to a nigga with no car

"Mama" (stylized in all caps) is a song by American hip hop artist 6ix9ine from his debut studio album, Dummy Boy (2018). It features popular artists Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. Shooting began for a music video, but was not finished. The three artists were supposed to film a music video for the track in Beverly Hills, but it was never finished due to a shooting on set, though none of them were injured. Surveillance footage showed gunmen firing on the set. The video has not been spoken of by 6ix9ine or any of his team since, indicating that it has been scrapped. The song reached number 43 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 51 on the Canadian Hot 100 and rose to its peak of number 16 in Canada the next week

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