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Abscess - An Asylum Below

Torn from your flesh, skull fragments fly
Goreriffic conclusion, beginning to die
Thrown into black, mind starts to drain
Absolute horror, here you remain

[solo - Bower]

Ripped from life, born to death
No more light, splattered head
Mangled corpses burn
Hell awaits, dawn is dead
Rotting flesh, hopelessness
Mangled corpses burn
Mangled corpses burn
Mangled corpses burn
Tortured soul, evil life
No escape, you have died
Mangled corpses burn
Infinite agony
Searing pain, never free
Mangled corpses burn

[solo - Coralles]

Vision of gore all tht remains
Disgusting Landscape littered with brains
Soul is on fire, dead in a hole
Falling into the asylum below
[solo - Coralles]

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