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Action Bronson - Triple Backflip

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Peel the top off the can of Pellegrino
Lost my money at the tables, but I got it back in Cee-lo
I'm trying to have the bank account with all the Zero's
Rolling Camaros, Jose Canseco was my hero
Swing the bat like I swing the 'Lac
Snap my fingers and they bring the crab
Wave my hand and they bring the bag
For your body motherfucker cause you old news
And then you see me fucking skip away in boat shoes
Ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri- rip your dick off
Ahh uhhh! Motherfucker I'm a sicko
Fucko, amethyst on the knuckle
On the arm, something Spanish with a bubble

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Uh, it's big trouble in Little China
All of the china hidden inside of a big vergina
Uh, I'll pile drive her through the bed
Hit the strip, get my motherfucking bread, don't you say a word, bitch
I need the gators just to match the vest
Have my apprentice put the stainless to a bastard's chest
Come out the sweatsuit
Do a triple back flip into the red coupe
Skrrrt, we out
[Verse 2]
Come...hold my dick while I take a piss
Shake it off, put it back in my boxer shorts
Ride in the drop top lobster Porsche
Inside the joint I got some pasta sauce
Uh, stalking the street, just to put the fork in the beef
Coffins are cheap, seats are very soft in the Jeep
The lights hit me at the club, my skin was like a chicken
And now my leather to the ankle by my Pippen
This feels crazy and I hoping I don't blow it
That goes to show I'm still a human under all this glow
Needless to say I'm exceeding while you pussies bleeding
I guess your weight was not in season