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AdriAnne Lenker - New York City

New York City gripped me like a big old machine
I went into one side and landed in a dream
It stirred me up, and made me shout
And sometimes i forgot about
The way the wind blows in and out of cottonwood trees

And oh, its easy to lose your mind
I might've lost mine if i hadnt found you

The avenues, the boulevards, the businesses and schoolyards
Shopping malls and motorcars, all in one scene
The lowest lows and the highest highs
The meanest noise and the lullabies
The poison and the compromise
The unspoken scream

And oh, its so hard to find your place
And i'd never have found mine if I hadn't seen your face

And you can be my Buster Keaton, I'll be Blossom Dearie
We can see the world so clearly
You'll cover the gray away 'n I will sing you songs all day
The decay will just turn to bloom as we look at the good old-fashioned moon

Well, New York City split me like a log in a mill
Half of me happy, the other half ill
But I feel myself a-warming to the old neon chill
I still feel a longing, but its chased by a thrill