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Akala - Shakespeare

[Verse 1:]
Nigga listen
When I spit on the riddem, I kill em
Raw like the Ball of Brazilians
You don't want war, cor, the kids brilliant
Blood, I'm the heir to the throne, not William
Akala, smart as King Arthur, darker, harder, faster
Raasclaat, I kick the Illa shit
It's like Shakespeare, with a nigga twist
Lyricist, I'm the best on the road
Nitro flow, oh-so-cold, I'mma blow yo
Keep the hoes, I only want dough homes
Nobody close, I'm alone in my own zone
No no love for the po-po
Loco when I rock mics solo
I hope that you know, where you dun go though?
Want it with Bolo? Must be coco
It's William back from the dead, but I rap bout gats and I'm black instead
It's Shakespeare, reincarnated, except I spit flows and strip hoes naked
No fakin'-test my blood bruv
Its William, back as a thug cuz
So real the shit I kick now
Plus I don't write, I recite my shit now
Straight from the top, expert timin'
On top of that, now the whole things rhymin'
No more tights, now jeans saggin'
If I say so myself, I'm much more handsome
Don't ever compare me to rappers
I'm so quick-witted that I split 'em like fractions
My shit, I tell em like this
It's like Shakespeare with a nigga twist

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