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Alice Phoebe Lou - Underworld

[Verse 1]
I've got so much to say
And yet nothing comes close
To the way we communicate
When we don't say a word
I hear you clearly without sounds
Oh, I don't need these ears when you're around

[Verse 2]
Communicate like trees
Way down under the ground
Where we've got so much going on
Like a whole other hidden universe
And I don't think that I wanna leave just yet
Can I just stay here, stay here
Here in our underworld?
Here in our undеrworld
Here in our underworld
Hеre in our underworld

[Verse 2]
Make me happy
Make me sweat
Here's my body, and it's dripping wet
And I want you to show me the way back
Oh, I want you to give me what I lack

[Verse 4]
Make me laugh and then
Pull at my heartstrings
Till I cry like a baby on a full-moon night
Tonight I don't wanna be anything
But a girl in a cute dress, a cute mess

Here in our underworld
Here in our underworld
Here in our underworld
Here in our underworldYou might also like

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