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Alkaloid - Kernel Panic

The mind is willing
But the flesh is stuck in evolution’s lazy stride
The vision dies, the door is locked
Time and again, the dream’s denied

Abjure the somatic tether
That binds our world together
Conjure flesh under will

Spin, spin go the baryons
Round and round, a ballet in stasis
Unchanging, they carry on
Lest chance and law start trading places

And lysergic amino acids levitate
Free and placid
Elevate the yoke of our physique

A new wind howls
Through the gallery of thoughts
Athwart reality
Kernel panic erupts in synaptic galaxies

When descending deep enough
Into the heart of what we are
One soon discovers matter’s bluff:
Stuff is made from nothing at all
A creature of habit is our universe
Profound the terror
Of the atom, the molecule, the cell
When faced with change;

To desire it - perverse
Invoking it – an inconceivable hell
Until being dies and becoming awakens

[Solo - Danny Tunker]
[Solo – Christian Muenzner]

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