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Aly & AJ - Bullseye

[Verse 1: AJ]
Everybody's tryna get to me
Every guy is out for the kill
I'm the type of girl worth pursuing
But I won't be caught standin' still, I won't

[Pre-Chorus: AJ]
You're throwin' all of your attention on me
Take your best shot, I bet you'll miss
You've got me interested enough to stand closer
Maybe try a little kiss

[Chorus: AJ & Aly]
You hit the bullseye, baby (You hit the bullseye, baby)
Now I'm into you crazy (You know you hit the mark)
Don't know how you got me started (I'm not an easy target)
Hit it
(You hit the bullseye)
You hit my heart

[Verse 2: Aly]
I'm surprised the way you affect me
Like an arrow penetrating my heart
Naturally, you seem to just get me
So obviously, you're pretty smart

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