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Amber Lawrence - Heart

You’re a fighter, a survivor
Trail blazer, nothing breaks you
Cause you win some, and you lose some
But you never give up

Take a beating, keep believing
Keep your head up, keep on dreaming
You're amazing, on the days when
Life gets tough

You’ve got heart
Big enough to light the dark
A little grit, a little spark
That’s what’s gonna take you far
You’ve got heart
Even when you fall apart
You pick yourself right back up
That’s what makes You who you are
You’ve got Heart

You are years of sweat and tears and
Never knowing, where it’s going
But you hold on, and you stay strong
Cause you don’t know any other way

You’ve got heart like a lion, burning desire, people talk about you ‘cause you never give up
No making excuses, or hiding the bruises… on your heart…You might also like

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