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Amber Lawrence - Hey

I have lived for long enough to take my own advice
Like be yourself, believe your worth and swim against the tide
My mother taught me that the beauty of beauty is, it comes from inside

Even on my worst day I can find a happy spin
I was raised to seize the day and always let love in
My father taught me normal is anything but normal
And you can walk tall even with a limp

Let’s go out with a bang
Like the way that we first began
Living like we never made plans
Staying up until 4am
And if lemons make lemonade
I’ll shake it up and make it rain
I’ll go my own way
Cause life’s too short to give a Hey !
Oh oh oh whatever now ooh ooh ooh

I have been around the world and found we’re all the same
Living in the moment what’s we’re trying to attain
We work so damn hard, it goes by in a flash
So let’s take a little time and drink to that
I’ve got a vibe for the sweet sweet lifeYou might also like

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