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American Hi-Fi - Where Did We Go Wrong

Monday mornin' and the coffee's on
What happened to my perfect world
Front page news she's already gone
Say hello to the goodbye girl
LA traffic don't make it better
I wonder if she read my letter
9 to 5 keep it all alive
Some days are hard to survive
I feel so down about it

I don't wanna be alone
Just waitin' by the phone
I can't stand another night on my own
With a new day risin', realizin'
That you gotta be free break it down to you and me
Is it everything you want it to be
I wanted you all along
So where did we go wrong?

Never had a lot of money but we
Spent a good time in the city
Drinkin' wine and watching the telly
Old movies she sure looked pretty
This kitchen feels so alone
Haven't cleaned since she's been gone
Spend my nights at your favorite bar
And I wonder just where you are
I feel so down about it

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