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Amon Amarth - A Dream That Cannot Be

[Verse 1: Johan Hegg]
Years of wait are over now
She's almost in my grasp
Now I will fulfill my vow
She will be mine at last

[Pre-Chorus 1: Doro Pesch]
I feel him near
The boy estranged has now returned
A full grown man
But still I fear that nothing's changed
He simply does not understand

[Chorus: Johan Hegg & Doro Pesch]
Come with me
I'll set you free
And I'll show you
What your life could be

You can't see
That I am free
My life is mine
Not yours, so leave me be

[Verse 2: Johan Hegg]
Through forests deep, over mountains high
I've crossed the waves for her
In shadows dark, this cursed night
My thoughts and memories stir

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