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Angel Olsen - High And Wild

You're gone, you're gone
You're with me but you're gone
A feeling once so strong
Is now an old and forgotten song
You don't sing so high and wild
You don't sing so high and wild
You're here, you're here
But your spirit's disappeared
Off to some place that I don't know
Some human thing has squashed your soul
And I don't recognize you

I wish that this could turn our thing to bliss
And we could put our fears aside
And learn to laugh and be alive
And let our bodies be revived

But you can't
Say that you want me
What am I supposed to think? That's the truth?
Well, has it ever been easy for you?
To stand behind the things that I do

I wait for this to pass
For us to both say at last
On this dark and narrow path
The sun is shining and we remember what it is we're living for

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