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Anna Nalick - Drink Me (Acoustic Version)

Talk about the weather
Will you miss me ever
Lately, I'm obsessed
And I need the rest
I hope that you're impressed

She's so pretty, I'm jealous
And she's lost like Alice
In a painted past
In a looking glass
I see me looking back

I'll take another drink me, baby
Slowly I'll disappear
I wear my life like a barbed-wire necklace
So let's play truth or dare

So you're a fan of Coltrane?
I wanna be Kurt Cobain
When the truth gets scary
I'll take my gin and sherry
And some drink me, they'll be

Plath and Joplin with verse
Writing suiciders, Kennedy and Monroe
Come to see my rock show
I'll be there in the front row

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