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Archspire - Lucid Collective Somnambulation

Sweating blood from open pores in fear of these nocturnal visits
Many tongue chatter incessant, deep into my sleeping self
Instructing me while I dream from worlds beyond and below
Their voices, a kaleidoscope of colours I can't describe

Foreign senses stimulate the brain beyond all comprehension
An entity only visible as a radiant force
They speak to me more intensely knowing now that I am able
To sculpt the world within this lifting lucid field of REM

From under my skin
The blood I’m sweating
Turns black as it spills from me
From out of my mind
Inner voice of reason
Falling away

My tongue and ears and eyes, removed by the force of voices
That now control my living river of bleeding endless black ascendance
Hear none, speak none
See a new consciousness beyond escape

What am I and what are they to me?
What are they and what am I to them?
Cleansing stream of fluid flowing
Flushing all my fears away
All the rotting cells I leak
Drown me from the outside in
Dissolving my expired body
As I'm carried toward the awaiting shore

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