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Ariana Grande - Boyfriend (with Social House)

[Verse 1: Ariana Grande]
I'm a motherfuckin' train wreck
I don't wanna be too much
But I don't wanna miss your touch
And you don't seem to give a fuck
I don't wanna keep you waiting
But I do just what I have to do
And I might not be the one for you
But you ain't allowed to have no boo

[Pre-Chorus: Ariana Grande]
'Cause I know we be so complicated
But we be so smitten, it's crazy
I can't have what I want, but neither can you

[Chorus: Ariana Grande]
You ain't my boyfriend (Boyfriend)
And I ain't your girlfriend (Girlfriend)
But you don't want me to see nobody else
And I don't want you to see nobody
But you ain't my boyfriend (Boyfriend)
And I ain't your girlfriend (Girlfriend)
But you don't want me to touch nobody else (Nobody)
Baby, we ain't gotta tell nobody

[Verse 2: Mikey]
Even though you ain't mine, I promise the way we fight
Make me honestly feel like we just in love (Love)
'Cause, baby, when push comes to shove (Shove)
Damn, baby, I'm a train wreck, too (Too)
I lose my mind when it comes to you
I take time with the ones I choose
And I don't want a smile if it ain't from you, yeah

"boyfriend" is a song by American singer Ariana Grande and American musical duo Social House. It was released by Republic Records on August 2, 2019. It is the second single from Social House's debut EP "Everything Changed..." It became Grande's 14th and Social House's first top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also became the first song by a woman, and third overall, to top the Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs chart, achieving it in its debut week. It was nominated for both an MTV Video Music Award and a Grammy award, winning the former.