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Ariana Grande - sTuCK wItH u (wItH jUstIn bIEbEr)

[Intro: Ariana Grande]
Hey, yeah
(That's just for fun)
(I'm stuck with you)

[Verse 1: Ariana Grande]
I'm not one to stick around
One strike and you're out, baby
Don't care if I sound crazy
But you never let me down, no, no
That's why when the sun's up, I'm stayin'
Still layin' in your bed, singin'

[Pre-Chorus: Ariana Grande]
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Got all this time on my hands
Might as well cancel our plans, yeah
I could stay here for a lifetime

[Chorus: Ariana Grande]
So, lock the door and throw out the key
Can't fight this no more, it's just you and me
And there's nothin' I, nothin' I, I can do
I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you
So, go ahead and drive me insane
Baby, run your mouth, I still wouldn't change
Being stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you
I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you, baby

"Stuck with U" is a song by American singer Ariana Grande and Canadian singer Justin Bieber. It was released as a charity single on May 8, 2020.[1] The song marks the second time both artists collaborated following a remix of Bieber's 2015 single "What Do You Mean?". According to their manager Scooter Braun who also co-wrote the track, the song is the first of more charity singles to be released throughout 2020.