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BROODS - Couldn't Believe

[Verse 1]
You got the key from under the mat
Took off your coat and hung up your hat
I burnt my fingers trying to help
You burnt the wood, you burnt the wood, you burnt the wood

We hid under blankets of ignorance
Cause that was the only time that it all made sense
You gave me a list of your promises
Listen to this, listen to this, listen to this

And I couldn't believe my eyes
I couldn't believe my ears
I couldn't believe my luck
I can't believe you're here

And I couldn’t believe my eyes
I couldn’t believe my ears
But I’m looking at you now
And I can’t believe we’re here

[Verse 2]
You never kept anyone for long
I was the worst at being alone
You came around when I needed you
Let’s give in to this, give in to this, give in to this

“Couldn’t Believe” serves as the first promo single from Conscious. It was released May 20, 2016.