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[방탄소년단의 IDOL 가사]

[Verse 1: RM, J-Hope]
You can call me artist (Artist)
You can call me idol (Idol)
아님 어떤 다른 뭐라 해도 (해도)
I don’t care
I’m proud of it (Proud of it)
난 자유롭네
No more irony (Irony)
나는 항상 나였기에

[Refrain 1: Suga, RM]
손가락질 해, (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah) 나는 전혀 신경 쓰지 않네
나를 욕하는 (Woah) 너의 그 이유가 뭐든 간에
I know what I am (I know what I am)
I know what I want (I know what I want)
I never gon' change (I never gon' change)
I never gon' trade
(Trade off, uh uh)

[Pre-Chorus: V, RM, Jimin]
뭘 어쩌고 저쩌고 떠들어대셔
(Talkin', talkin', talkin')
I do what I do, 그니까 넌 너나 잘하셔
(Nah, nah)
You can't stop me lovin' myself

The lead single, “IDOL,” featured in the last part of BTS’s ongoing project Love Yourself: 起承轉結, released on 24 August 2018. By combining traditional Korean musical elements, including janggu with modern hip-hop groove, the group blends modern and traditional Korean music instruments into one rather than pure pop music, creating a refreshing and surprising beat. In the music video, members are dressed in traditional Korean Hanboks, echoing traditional themes of the song, such as Chinese landscape painting, Lion Dance, and a Chinese pavilion with the word “囍”, an auspicious word during marriage in traditional Chinese Culture to bless the newly-couple. A version of Idol featuring Nicki Minaj is available as a digital single.

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