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Bas - Fried Rice (feat. JID)

[Intro: Bas]

[Chorus: Bas]
Decisions I be makin' when I get impaired
Jamo and the ginger beer, I’m gettin' there
Money in my pocket barely fit in there
But I fell in love with how it sit in there
Old bitches miss me, a hole in her soul
But I'm over it though, had to block me a number

We’re sorry

[Verse 1: Bas]
This from the latest collection, my boy
You can copy the wave when I drop in the summer
Fiends got the city up under the wing like it's fried rice
I done died twice, I got nine lives, that means seven to spare
Vision blurry, but the hindsight always 20/20
I see Heaven and Hell
Yeah, just to bust up a sale
Yeah, tell 'em come and get me fuckin' nonviolence when the nine flyin'
Hear her lullabyin', make her sing like Adele
Heavy on me like a pelle
Singin' off-key, get 'em off me
We on all streets for the money, niggas hit up Wall Street
Had them boys ringin’ the bell
Ain’t no Libra, but my scale ready if this rap shit ever fail
Get me hot
My borough taught me how to run a block
Confidence is quiet, I don't talk a lot
I call my mama and I call the shots
I don’t call these bitches, they just talk a lot
Cop a couple toys and we can make a play
Now the driveway like a parking lot
"Beware the dogs" what the sign say
I did it my way, I did it my way

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