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Beach Bunny - Fire Escape

[Verse 1]
Paralyzed, it's contagious
You got the world hangin' on your lips
Life's gentle, painless
An automatic prerogative
Hypnotized, it's voracious
I try to grasp at your golden glare
Life's fragile, patient
Broken glass flyin' through the air

[Verse 2]
Humanize your equation
I'd like to be your remedy
Swallow, slowly
I feel your heartbeat in everything
Visualize at the station
I took the train to the great escape
Of New York, subway system
I carve the car seat with both our names

My heart is tipping over
Pouring out when you say
Gravity couldn't sway
Any placе is the place I'll be
Whеn you're far awayYou might also like

“Fire Escape” is the second single from Beach Bunny’s second album Emotional Creature. The single was released on March 29, 2022.

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