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Beach House - Space Song

[Verse 1]
It was late at night
You held on tight
From an empty sea
A flash of light
It will take a while
To make you smile
Somewhere in these eyes
I’m on your side
You wide-eyed girls
You get it right

Fall back into place
Fall back into place

[Verse 2]
Tender is the night
For a broken heart
Who will dry your eyes
When it falls apart?
What makes this fragile world go 'round?
Were you ever lost?
Was she ever found?
Somewhere in these eyes

"Space Song" is a song of reassurance and connection - a reminder that there is hope to be found in even the darkest moments and that love and support can be found to bring you back to a sense of peace, comfort and unity. Despite the pain and uncertainty of life, the song recognizes the importance of companionship and of finding a space, physically or metaphorically, to support one another. The chorus "Fall back into place" is a call to not give up, but to search for connection, understanding and solace even in uncertain times. (2/2/20): What was the recording process behind the track like? “We sped it up when we tracked the vocals, so that the vocals sound a bit pitched down.” ~ Reddit (9/24/21): “That song was started on a simple chord progression and with the riff, that was the genesis of the song which is just the melody that starts the song, and then all the other parts grew out of that. It came to that title, Space Song, on its own accord. That song is addressing ‘where do you sit in the order of existence, where do you sit,’ and from the minutia of a romance to the questions of existence. It’s funny how they’re such a similar question when you think about it.” ~ Alex, KINK-FM (9/24/21): “Within the song, there’s emotions. If you look at the lyrics, there’s clear and simple little symbols. There’s heartbreak, there’s sorrow, there’s a want to escape; there’s so many things inside of it, we believe. Calling it Space Song, sometimes we find titles and they just fit. Some of my earliest, fondest memories of that song were playing it live, it always felt like it had this thing in it, like you were disappearing into the ether. Alex said it’s abstract, but it’s not abstract with nothing inside of it. There’s a lot of little pieces and you make what you want from that.” ~ Victoria, KINK-FM. (2/16/22): “It’s like this comet that’s doing its own thing, that’s super fun and ridiculous. It’s also beyond our ability to control or understand, and that is relaxing to me. I am definitely a child of chaos, and something that calms me is understanding that there’s beauty in chaos, but you have to let go. I have never tried to understand ‘Space Song’ and I don’t want to. You respect it and you leave it alone. I don’t need to analyze it because I’m grateful for it. I don’t think it’s just that song, but if that is the gateway, then I’m happy about it. We both feel lucky that younger people keep discovering us and we’re able to keep making records.” ~ Victoria, Pitchfork

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