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Beach House - Troublemaker

[Verse 1]
Like a hand, you reached out to me
The thunder rolls in with the dark
Tiny fingers on the edges
Watch it unravel, pulling everything apart

[Verse 2]
In the night, we sleep together
The walls are shaking in their skin
Does it become you, troublemaker?
Watch them unravel you, pulling everything apart

Someday, out of the blue, it will find you
Always, always a face to remind me
Someone like you
Someone like you
Someone like you

[Verse 3]
You watch the shape these things are taking
Do you cry out in your sleep?
Does it become you when you're under?
Your heart is racing, you're taking everything too hard

When you walk away
You show me how
Come pull me under

(10/20/15): What prompted you guys putting that sample (with the cicadas and the short synth) in at the end of Troublemaker? “We like to put moments that were important to us into our records with the hope that the listeners will feel the connection, we recorded those cicadas on our first tour to japan, a trip that was cosmic and beautiful and very inspiring.” ~ Reddit

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