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Beardfish - Comfort Zone

And so you come to serve me now in the concorde of your arms
I may rest for a while
May the past be a hazy shadow
Cause you may think it's done with you
I can't believe those grey eyes could ever be so blue
Turn the past to a hazy shadow
From where we exit our comfort zone
What is it good for

In that aspect I was childlike, they said
Because I couldn't see beginning nor end
But on this bed I ride the guilt trip
Knowing in full
That it's my own fault
But aren't we all childlike, I mean
Your crystal alp top dream of life in infinity
Amazes me that you're afraid of something beyond today
Death walks behind you

I guess I've always been childlike that way
Cause you will hear me when I can't have my say
I have to keep from bargaining with some higher force
To please extend my stay

But Why? I don't even like it here
And I do nothing but curse the very lot of you
I hate everything and everyone except for the chosen few
I often longed for this day

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