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Beatsteaks - Automatic

Hush all that noise!
What can i do for you sister?
We plugged into the universe and spiral out of orbit
Like a rudderless ship, whatever you want to call it

Are you afraid?
What comes next?
Any idea?
You say the action is go, I say it´s out of control
While they are playing songs of love

Standing on shaky ground
Walking on thin ice
Never use a safety net
You never get trapped

This is automatic
Got no doubt about it
My mind is over matter
Can´t get any better
And we know this is magic
We´ve got the perfect habit
We´re stealing it from different planets
And we put it on a boombox

Two people from the world of entertainment
Get down on their knees and beg me to stay
Take them back, take it back, take me back
Are we heading to the bar for the hopeless
Emptiness is taking over a rudderless ship?
Sounds like a goodie:
You can´t leave? - can´t stay? - cold feet?

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