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Benny the Butcher - '97 Hov

[Part I: Produced by Daringer]

Uh, yeah, the Butcher coming, nigga
I walk in the room, niggas can feel that pressure when I walk in, nigga
Like you saw the devil, yo, look

I was born in '84, but I’m like '97 Hov
I went platinum off a brick, I cooked on 97 stoves
Yeah, I know the streets is watching so I'm highly skeptical
Where I’m at in my career, one hit and I'll be set to go, uh
Duct tape for the blocks, black tape for the strap
Bentley in the parking lot, ashtray full of pack
Had dreams of retiring and burying the money
Back when I was young with more experience than money
On my Georgetown shit, rock the blue Hoya
When they snatched my niggas up, I got a new lawyer
They start off young so they shoot for you, I groom ‘em
Soon they become their own bosses and recruit for you
It's not a such thing as too loyal
This gat melt your favorite rapper Patek into a pool for you
You think you nice, well, I got news for you
I get ‘em chewed for you, what's funny when every rapper food to you
My bitch asking me to settle down
I was reckless at selling brown, she know I'm finally on level ground
I'm tryna change, but in my head it's sounds
Telling me I can be El Chapo instead of Kevin Liles
Freestyle for Clue, I feel like '97 Hov
It was ’96, he pulled up in that ’97 Rov', uh
Drove it back and forth, done went through 97 tolls
Real stories ‘bout drug money got me etched in stone, uh
By the time they learn to love me, I’ll be dead and gone
Real hustlers treat them rentals like they second home
First double up, thirty dollars, seven stones
Yeah, I fucked it up, but that whole play set the tone

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