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Benny the Butcher - Joe Pesci 38

Griselda by Fashion Rebels
Yeah, uh
This how shit supposed to sound
This how our shit sound, yeah
Y'all niggas got a lot of catchin' up to do, yo
Uh, uh

For the hustlers that’s gettin' money, thinkin' fast in business
Who stayed up by playin' smart and duckin' bad decisions
I wore hand-me-downs in class, bitches laughed at niggas
Now I rock designer like I'm in the fashion business
I met a plug when I was broke, not to brag, I did it
I broke a nine off in half and got in traffic with it
This for my day one fans, niggas that been listenin'
Who know these rappers not better or as consistent
And when they talk about the streets, it ain't that specific
So I'm a tad suspicious if it's fact or fiction, uh
You ain’t in the streets weighin' slabs and fishes
Nigga, you just another rapper tryna have the image
But don't want the scabs and stitches, shit that come with it
And if you ask me, that's backwards, nigga, uh
I seen too many real niggas fall to let you bitch niggas beat me
But still I make this shit look easy
Bitches think I'm lit 'cause they see me
But I was just in the trap with a flip phone, stick, and a TV
Calls from home sayin', "While you goin' through the roof
It's rumors back here sayin' what who gon' do to who"
Been gone for two weeks, been two more funerals
They pulled up dumpin' out of the two-door Subaru
It's all the same, this what we call a game
When you move, it pull you back like a ball and chain
We rap 'bout our real life 'cause it caused us pain
And when you reach certain levels, it 'cause us change
The pain subside, but the scars remain
I'm one of the realest niggas, that's broad as day
I'm on my Biggie "Who Shot Ya?" This for my partners still in lockup
Who only call back home to tell us in a box up
They killed Eric Garner just 'cause his posture
But you get life if you hit a cop up
How could we feel like that's not us?
Our skin 'plexion the same, nigga, please don't be obnoxious
I played with more keys than a locksmith
It's like I'm good at everything, I got this
Uh, Joe Pesci .38
He got a roach clip burnin' in the ashtray (Burnin' in the ashtray)
You know I'm spendin' good money, so he love me
Said he down to meet me halfway (Down to meet me halfway)
Uh, Joe Pesci .38
My Joe Pesci .38 (Joe Pesci .38), yeah
This the same gun from Goodfellas
This my Joe Pesci .38 (My Joe Pesci .38)You might also like

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