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In the intro of “The Plugs I Met 2”, Benny talks about how he is dominating the rap game, and his return to the ghetto after his success. The title it’s a clear reference to the film Scarface (as the whole concept and the covers of "The Plugs I Met"), exactly, the part of the film where Tony meets the Bolivian drug kingpin Alejandro Sosa, which is the album’s cover. Benny said the following about the track: Benny The Butcher: When that shit first comes on, it gives me that feeling. It’s introductory. It’s the way he made that beat. It’s just the shit I was saying on there. It just feels right. When I listen to my album before it comes out, I try to hear it how the people are going to hear it. I hear nostalgia crawling out the speakers when this shit comes on and you hear my voice and you know that’s Plugs 2. I think it’s going to be received very well. Harry Fraud: It’s funny, because we recorded it once we already had some songs under the belt. I remember I made the beat knowing that he was coming the next day. It was definitely very deliberate, and it made it easy for me to do a beat that was like, “Okay, cool, let me encapsulate all the elements of the album now. Let me glue all this together right here and do something that fits in all the tones of the album.” That’s why there’s a lot of dope change-ups, the vocals coming in, Benny’s blacking out in all these different pockets and setting the tone, like, “Yeah, I’m coming.” You hear him come on that record and you know he’s not here for play. Benny: [The beat] was pulling me in, and I felt like it would pull other people in. After I recorded on it, shit just sounded crazy, and I knew that was it.

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