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Blackfoot - On the Run

Yes I got off the plane in the pouring rain
And headed down for one more show
Well I jumped in a car with a built in bar
Had another diamonds to go
Well the wheels just a keep on a turnin?
And rode me to the backstage door

Well little mama (I?m on the run)
Yes I got no time for you now
Oh I gotta plan for my gun (I?m on the run)
See you before the morning sun
And, a spread the love, baby
Aha, cause I?m on the run

Well I was just a little lad, but I sure was game
Oh I loved to hear those people yell
One time, Back in my room I think I?ll dust my broom
It?s only an hour Lucille
She?s got legs clean up to her headline
And I was wonderin? if she was around

(I?m on the run)Yes I got some time for you now
Oh I swear to my crown (I?m on the run)
And I feel the mornin? sun
Scuse me little mama, yeah,
Aha I?m on the run

Well, Its an early flight and I?m back on this plane
Oh yeah, and I think I?m going insane
My bird is full and loose and I?m ready to cruise
Its funny that I feel no shame
Well she tease me, please me, I almost died
She even drank my jelly roll down

Wait a minute now (I?m on the run)
Yes, I got no time for you now (I?m on the run)
Oh I?ve got to play for my crowd (I?m on the run)
Yes, and I see the mornin? sun and a
Scuse me little mama, Yes
For I?m on the run
Oh, spread your love
?Cause I?m on the run
Oh, scuse me baby, Yes
?Cause I?m on the run

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