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BlocBoy JB - Look Alive (feat. Drake)

[Intro: Drake, BlocBoy JB & Lil Juice]
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up!
Yeah, yeah (Ooh)
Yeah (Ooh)
6 God, BlocBoy, 6 God, BlocBoy (Ooh) (Word)
6 God, BlocBoy, 6 God, BlocBoy (Ooh) (BlocBoy, 6 God)
Yeah (Hey)

[Chorus: Drake & BlocBoy JB]
901 Shelby Drive, look alive, look alive ('Live)
Niggas came up on this side, now they on the other side (Word, word, word)
Oh well, fuck 'em, dawg, we gon' see how hard they ride (Huh, fuck 'em)
I get racks to go outside and I split it with the guys (Outside)
We up on the other side, niggas actin' like we tied
I've been gone since, like, July, niggas actin' like I died
They won't be expectin' shit when Capo go to slide (Hah)
'Cause I told them that we put that shit behind us but I lied (Hah)

[Verse 1: Drake]
Ayy, ayy, look who I'm around, man
If I fucked up, I'ma be downtown, man
Fourth floor bound, man, that's if I get caught, man
Pushed me to the edge, so it really ain't my mothafuckin' fault
Man, I'm not to blame, man, this fuckin' industry is cutthroat
I'm not the same, man, and I could let you check the tag now
I'm rockin' name brand, I'm only chasin' after bags now
I got a game plan and I'm out here with the woo!

"Look Alive" is a song by American rapper BlocBoy JB featuring Canadian rapper Drake. It debuted at number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100, which makes it the first top 10 single for BlocBoy JB and 23rd for Drake. Look Alive, Look Alive, I've been gone since like July, n****s acting like I died! The song samples the lyrics from Project Pat's "Out There (Blunt to My Lips)".