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Bongwater - Time is Coming

(Then one night she says, "Baby, what's the sense you working every night? I don't get to see enough of you." So she offers to put me on an allowance--just like that, an allowance. So finally I ask her, I said, "Baby, where does all this loot come from, did you rob a bank or something?" "No," she says, "I thought you knew better. I'm a hustler." Well, I wasn't shocked...I guess I should have known. I've been around that sort of thing. But she looked so, uh, college-girl in fact that I didn't tumble I guess. Anyway, I wanted to turn her down, but to be perfectly honest with you I was sort of hooked. I mean, where else could a guy like me get a hold of money like that?)

Time is coming
Time is coming
When the heathens sit in the heaven
Time is coming
When everyone will be spared
Time is coming
O glory, psalms they're singing
No suffering
No wrath

Turn off your set
Unlock your door
Light up my life
Cry no more
Satan captured
Sing a song
The man in the photo is your father

(...can't tell by your recording, it's very noisy and you don't know what's going on)

(Left goes left where it should be
Right goes to right accordingly
I therefore praise these gentlemen
Who know and show both the how and when)

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