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Brendan James - The Fall

The Fall

She is packing in slow motion the sun is coming up
I am sitting in the next room staring in my coffee cup
Now we are driving down the shoreline, this car is cut in two
I am quiet, she is humming, When the Stars Go Blue

And pulling up to jfk, there really isn't much to say

Don't tell me you'll write me, don't tell me you'll call
Just tell me you'll see me in the Fall
Don't give me a promise you know you'll never keep
Go and find it all and I'll see you in the Fall

Now I'm back at our apartment and nothing feels the same
Her coat is gone, her toothbrush is missing,
All the flowers start to fade
And September feels so far away


Let you fly away from me, fate will bring you back to me
And darling that's all we have

Don't write don't call I'll see you in the Fall
Don't write don't call I'll see you in the Fall

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