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Brett Dennen - Cassidy

Cassidy, is reggae music playing on the beach
Blue moon tonight, and there isn't a cloud in the sky
Grab your Swiss Army Knife and the blanket and meet me outside
Yeah, come on
Cassidy, the things I lean on are slippery
But I know I love you
And you make it so hard to leave
But I'll keep loving you 'til I'm only a memory

We spend our whole lives movin' on
Reachin' out for lovin' arms
The night is young come out with me

Cassidy, with the ocean in your hair
Come out with me, Cassidy!
I'll be tangled up tonight but tomorrow
I'll be up in the air

Come on, county line
Crazy weed down from Caroline
All the smoke hung in the air while the sun was setting
You said it looked just like an oil spill in heaven
Don't say fair thee well
You got that anxious feeling I can tell
You're getting antsy let's go up to Neptune's Net and have a drink
And plan a trip somewhere to a beach in a magazine

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