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Bring Me the Horizon - Kingslayer (feat. BABYMETAL)

[Intro: Oli Sykes]

[Verse 1: Oli Sykes]
Hi, are you looking for the other side?
Feel like nothing ever seems quite right?
Are you circling the drainpipe, getting off on pain like
You're corrupted?
I need to know where your loyalties lie
Tell me, are you gonna bark or bite?
Do you really wanna twist a knife in the belly
Of the monster?

[Pre-Chorus: Oli Sykes]
Get the fuck up, wake the fuck up
Wipe the system and back the fuck up
You're a puppet, when they cut your strings off
Don't comе crawling back

[Chorus: Su-Metal]
Kingslayer, destroying castles in thе sky
Kingslayer, forevermore the apple of my eye
I'd sacrifice my life to find you, angel of the blade
Kingslayer, come and collect us from the night

[Verse 2: Su-Metal, Oli Sykes & Both]
ただ手に入れたい another world
System failure
Life is encrypted, you are modified
Like a virus in a lullaby
Artificial till the day you die, silly programme
You're corrupted

"Kingslayer" is the sixth track of Bring Me The Horizon's EP Post Human: Survival Horror, released October 30th, 2020. It features Japanese J-pop/metal band BABYMETAL.

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