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Bruno Major - Nothing

[Verse 1]
Track suits and red wine, movies for two
We'll take off our phones and we'll turn off our shoes
We'll play Nintendo though I always lose
'Cause you watch the TV while I'm watching you
There's not many people I'd honestly say
I don't mind losing to
But there's nothing like doing nothing with you

[Verse 2]
Dumb conversation, we lose track of time
Have I told you lately I'm grateful you're mine?
We'll watch The Notebook for the seventeenth time
I'll say "It's stupid," then you'll catch me crying
We're not making out on a boat in the rain
Or in a house I painted blue
But there's nothing like doing nothing with you

So shut all the windows, lock all the doors
We're not looking for no one, don't need nothing more
You'll bite my lip and I'll want you more
Until we end up in a heap on the floor
(Mmm, mmm, mmm)

[Verse 3]
You could be dancing on tabletops, wearing high heels
Drinking until the world spins like a wheel
But tonight, your apartment has so much appeal
Who needs stars? We've got a roof
But there's nothing like doing nothing with you (Mmm)
No, there's nothing like doing nothing with you

Bruno Major said that he wrote this song about his experience of love. He talked about songs describing grandiose gestures and dramatic claims which he didn’t refute but felt didn’t describe love from his experiences. His experience of love was in simple things like eating popcorn while watching Netflix and playing Nintendo (which makes an appearance in this song). Throughout the song, Bruno Major is describing a night spent with his lover. It is very reminiscent of a boring night that you might spend alone. Showing that there is nothing needed in this relationship to make it special but the other person. An otherwise boring night becomes a love song worthy night simply because of the love that they share. In a way, this song is about the most mundane of activities through the eyes of someone infatuated.

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